Air Conditioning

Holocene Motor Group can offer you a comprehensive car air conditioning service from a leak check to a full service. If you feel your air conditioning is working but not on full power, we offer you a top up service while you wait. All by appointment. We also carry out decontamination for which you kill all harmful bacteria and which is part of the air conditioning process.

Air conditioning, if used properly, is a great way of keeping passengers comfortable and demisting the windows when the hot air makes it too stuffy.

Air conditioning has been rapidly standardised over the last 10 years due to the major enhancement it brings to passenger comfort. However, drivers are only just realising that air conditioning systems do require regular maintenance.

Vehicle air conditioning systems will tend to lose refrigerant over time as permeates through the physical joints between components.

Over time this will cause deterioration in performance. Worse still, if you leave the air conditioning operating with low refrigerant levels more serious problems can occur, lubricant circulation may be affected and air or moisture may enter the system.

The consequences could include:

Poorer fuel economy as the compressor remains engaged to attain lower temperatures Internal corrosion caused by air or moisture reacting with refrigerant Component or system failure.