Maintaining and Caring For The Volkswagen Brand

Unless you’re in love with the brand itself, rarely do people have an idea about the intricate details of the care that is needed for their vehicle. More often than not, the layman has no idea what a catch their Volkswagen is, whether it be the Jetta for the budget oriented user or the Volkswagen Phaeton W12 with a bulky price tag of $200,000. The build quality of these cars is such that not everyone has the mettle to repair them in the rareevent of a breakdown.

Your insurance company will usually send in your car to one of those bad repair shops, whose work is characterized by shoddy oil changes, poor understanding of the amazing gearbox, and zero knowledge of alternator repairs.

These are common problems with some Volkswagen cars that creep up every once in a while, especially when care is not taken during regular maintenance or rare repairs. Specialists at the Holocene Motor Group in London have thorough knowledge of all Volkswagen cars. We’re passionate about the brand, and take great care when it comes to maintaining or repairing the car.

Remember, those insurance companies don’t care whether your car repairs are of a top-notch quality,which actually ends-upcompounding the problem.They simply want to get their headache over with, which is why it is necessary to entrust your car to only the specialists, who are an authorized motor repair shop with a rare 9.4 rating from TrustPilot.

Some Common Complex Problems With Volkswagen Cars

Turbo repairs
Extremely complex for a layman to understand and more than a handful for even the most seasoned repairmen.These costly repairs are a piece of cake for the specialists. A turbo’s job is to force in a higher amount of air into the cylinder to mix with the fuel, creating a massive amount of power, with the obvious advantage being the use of a comparatively less amount of fuel.

Although it is one of the most vital components of your car, it is oftentimes one of the most overlooked, and the Volkswagen Passat seems to have glaring issues with their brakes.You will save thousands of dollars while performing reliable repairs on your braking system when you trust your car to a dedicated care center. Normally, most garages use cheap, low quality spare parts on braking systems. Not so with Holocene Motor Group, who ensures that only premium quality rotors and pads are used.

Avoid those awkward moments on the road when you’re about to hit an oncoming truck but your brake systems seem like they’re just about to give away.

What About Other Vehicle Parts?

It is of utmost importance that you choose only Volkswagen parts as replacements.Any other parts will simply fail, corrupting the ecosystem of the car around them, and you wouldn’t notice the problemuntil it is too late. At Holocene Motor Group, we ensure that only genuine Volkswagen parts are used to perform necessary repairs.

In Conclusion

It is necessary to have the common street smartness to be able to choose the right repair center for your car. Don’t just blindly trust anyone that says “We repair Volkswagen cars”.  Look beneath the surface, do some independent research, ask around the area about these repair centers and you will soon realize that they’re probably not the right ones for you.