Mercedes Benz: Your Guide To The Rare Care and Service Of Your Car

Having a Mercedes-Benz car

Mercedes-Benz is at the forefront of automobile manufacturing, and partly responsible for associating Germany’s name with the finest in engineering practices. Their cars are characterized by a hefty price tag which has cemented the name of Mercedes-Bens as a luxury car provider.So, when you end up owning one and taking it for a ride, you’re awfully careful not to get a scratch on it, or worse bump it ina tree or on an unseen pavement on the road.

When you do end up damaging the excellent craftsmanship of your car’s exterior, you’ll have to get it servicedtorestore the beauty of your car, for that endearing formidable look that Mercedes cars usually possess.

But who would you take your car to in order to restore that costly frame? Are you willing to risk your car to an uncertified professionals just to save a quick buck? There are far too many businesses with shady practices that charge customers a fortune while doing a bad body job. Holocene Motor Group offers quality restoration services on both modern and classic cars.

Some important body part repairs

The Lights
These are some of the easiest repairs to perform and can actually be done by a layperson as well,provided they watch a proper DIY video. The biggest challenge is to gain access to the bulbs without dealing additional damage to the rear or front of your car. Once you do gain access, it is a simple case of changing the LED bulbs which can be purchased at any electronic stores. Generic bulbs will do just fine.

Or just bring in your car for a quick, affordable repair. All our repairs are backed by our warrantee, in case of any future problems (unlikely!).

The Hood
Hoods are more than just a fancy piece of art. Theyaffect the performance of your car, and are directly responsible forit’smaximum speed and road grip. They are your car’s first line of defense against air friction, and when you end up damaging the hood, the dent means your hood’s efficiency will dramatically go down with. Not to mention the ugly sight your car will become. If you’re seeking the thrilling speeds afforded by your Mercedes-Benz car, you will be disappointed to find that your car is not reaching its full potential.

Promptly send it for repairs; it needs the expert hands of specialists at Holocene Motor Group. The first priority would be to restore the hood’s body, if that fails however, suitable spare parts will be brought in.

These little structures installed at either end of your car are designed to absorb damage from minor collisions, they’re usually made out of plastic such as polyesters and polyamides.  They contribute significantly to the overall look of your car, and should be repaired by either professionals at Holocene Motor Group, or even by a layman, if they have the confidence.


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