Problems You Can Face with Your BMW 3 Series

It has been more than 40 years since BMW 3 series came to the market. It was a successor to the BMW 02 series and started with 2-door sedans but then this BMW series expanded into 4-door sedans, coups and convertibles and 5-door hatchbacks and station wagons. The 3-series falls in the category of entry-level luxury car and that is why it is one of the best-selling car ranges from the German auto giants.

There is no question on the utility of the 3 series as it has a 30% market share of BMW but still, at the end of the day, it is a man-made machine and is prone to faults and performance glitches sometimes. We will try to provide you with some of those faults which have surfaced in all these years so that whether you are going to buy a used one or a new one, you will know the problems you might face with your car beforehand.

Braking Problems

In 3 series of the previous century, the connection between the brake servo and brake pedal becomes loose after a while. When exposed to high strain, this glitch can cause a complete brake failure. So if you are sensing some problem with your brakes, then it is advisable to get your brakes checked.

Electrical Problems

Most of the time, users face two problems electrically with the 3 series. One of them is that due to corrosion, the connection of the battery terminals becomes weak, which can then hinder the electric power supply to your car components. Another problem you can face is that you will not be able to start your car due to some electrical malfunctioning in the steering column of your BMW. These problems can easily be fixed with the help of a reliable car repair centre.

Tyre Problems

It is not a problem per se, but most of the new generation BMW 3 series cars come with run-flat tyres. Some people have experienced that by exchanging these tyres with regular tyres, their rides have been improved. If you also think that you need regular tyres or some refurbishment on the current tyres in your 3 series, then you can contact the BMW specialist in London .

Suspension Problem

Most of the 3 series cars built in the start of the previous decade face problems with their suspension because the strut mount of the suspensions might not be fitted very closely so that if a certain amount of weight is lifted off the front wheels, it can free the movement of ball bearings in the suspension system. A good car service provider can work on your suspensions to make them flawless.

Most of the above discussed problems often happen due to the fact that cars components are subjected to wear and tear. However, you can slow down this process by maintaining your BMW’s health with routine car checkups from the most seasoned car service providers, which are considered the BMW specialist in London.