Signs Your Braking System Requires Repairs

Volkswagen cars are renowned all around the world for their aesthetic facet and robust suspension system. Although the braking system has been designed to perfection, it will deteriorate after a certain period of time.

This is due to the fact that the normal wear and tear of your car puts constant pressure on these braking systems that causes them to deteriorate. Therefore, for all Volkswagen owners out there, we have articulated a list of signs that indicate that your braking system requires repairs from a London Volkswagen specialist.

The brake pedal has started pulsating


The first and most profound sign that indicates that your car requires the services of a London Volkswagen specialist is if the brake pedal has started pulsating. When you apply the brakes and pedal starts vibrating this means that the brake pads need to be replaced. This happens when the brake pads have completely worn out due to wear and tear or because of heat. In some cases, these brake pads can be re-machined to restore the pads to their original form, however sometimes they are beyond restoration. Only a London Volkswagen specialist can determine whether your brake pads can be restored or not.

The brakes make weird noises


Another sign that indicates your car requires the immediate services of a London Volkswagen specialist is when your brake starts making noises. Every car manufacture installs a precautionary system that stops the brake from rattling when applied, so if your brakes are currently making a rattling or clicking noise then please take this sign very seriously.

The brake pads appear thin or worn out


If you want to check if your brake pads have deteriorated and require replacement or re-machining the bend down and peak through the spokes of the vehicle. If you see ¼ inches of the pad then this means that the pads have deteriorated and need to be replaced as soon as possible. These brake pads will also appear thin and will appear weak.

The brakes make screeching noises when applied


This is another sign that indicates your car needs immediate repairs. If you apply the brakes on your Volkswagen and the car makes a screeching noise, please visit a London Volkswagen specialist to have this issue rectified. When your brake pads start making screeching noises this means that the brake pads have completely depleted or a layer of rust has formed around the pads. This layer of rust usually occurs due to exposure to moisture and will have to be re-machined to be rectified. If this issue is ignored it can result in complete brake failure, so please take this seriously and visit a London Volkswagen specialist as soon as possible.

The car is pulling to one side


Although this may indicate an array of issues it also indicates that your brake pads need to be replaced. When the car starts drifting to one side, this means extra pressure is being applied to the cars due to the brakes wearing unevenly.

So if your Volkswagen indicates any of the signs above, then please visit a London Volkswagen specialist to get this issue repaired as soon as possible.