Vehicle Inspection

In-depth, periodic inspections of your vehicle’s major operating systems are the most effective way to reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. There is never a convenient time for your vehicle to break down, not to mention the potential costs that may come with it, but the greatest problem you could face isn’t the burden of the experience, or the dent in your pocket, but the potential risk to you and your family's health and safety during the time of the breakdown.
Being broken down on the hard shoulder of a motorway, or experiencing an overheating engine whilst stuck in traffic are both situations you’d want to avoid for the good of your well being, and are both situations that could easily be eliminated by ensuring your vehicle is inspected regularly.

At Holocene Motor Group your vehicle receives a thorough check every time your vehicle is in the company of our workshop. We conduct numerous checks and they include a visual inspection of tyres, suspension, lights, fluid levels, wipers, belts, battery, hoses, and other items we consider to be important for you and your vehicle.

At regular intervals, your vehicle manufacturer also recommends a more complete inspection of the major systems. For this more in-depth check of your vehicle, we can easily offer a complete vehicle inspection. In addition to conducting visual checks, we perform a hands-on inspection of the brake, steering/suspension, and exhaust systems to make sure they meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.